#HYHRD portfolio #sharebuilder update for w/e 8/29 $SWK $FAF $CNMD $LEG $VGR $SPTN

Edits to your Automatic Investment Plan must be complete by 5:00pm (ET) 8/31/2015 in order for the changes to be effective for the 9/1/2015 investment day.

I either select 6 stocks for each twice monthly investment based on my #BuyList or base my purchases on upcoming ex-dividend dates and/or Equal Weight (lowest) Overall Rank, selecting only “qualified” dividend paying stocks for this taxable account. I try to choose what I perceive to currently be the best choices for my weekly investments. They must also be ‘eligible’ for the sharebuilder AIP.

The current dollar amount for each investment in the AIP (Automatic Investment Plan) is shown near the bottom of the ‘Equal Weight’ spreadsheet (as shown below);

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#HYHRD: Updating the ’10 Best’ Comparison chart; $NTRI $ALK $CBRL $LOAN $HAS $FAF $CNMD $SPTN $NRZ $TGT

You are reading my attempt at updating my recent blog posts that attempt to compare 10 of the best scoring stocks (I no longer screen or look at ETFs) I have found. What follows below is the latest iteration of this attempt to set up the ’10 Best’ comparison chart on stockcharts.com;

In my original blog post on 4/12/15 entitled “#HYHRD: Creating a ’10 Best’ Comparison chart; $LOAN $NRZ $APTS $ORC $NRF $NEWT $MHFI $WMC $MCO $CLNY” I attempted to create a ’10 Best’ list and comparison chart. You can search the blog for that and any subsequent posts using the search string “’10 Best’ Comparison chart” to see any changes that have occurred since that original post.

The original post included 6 different charts as I weeded out the worst performers and 2 screenshots of my spreadsheets; one of the ‘comparison’ list of 33 stocks, and another of my 15 current holdings. This was mainly to show the process, but I feel it is not relevant or necessary to beat that dead horse.

For brevity, this post will include just one screenshot of the comparison chart of 10 of the best stocks (IMHO), and 1 screenshot from my spreadsheets of the comparison sheet.

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Checking my previous post for symbols to add to my shopping list; #HYHRD: spreadsheets… yields this info;

From the #HYHRD comparison spreadsheet;

Based solely on the scoring procedure used on this Comparison Spreadsheet, I might look into buying; NTRI, ALK, CBRL, LOAN, HAS, FAF, CNMD, SPTN, NRZ, TGT, AOS, LEG, GSB, NEWT, TBNK, NPK, HTBK, MAS, VLGEA, UFPI, BGCP, NPBC, DPS, NWL, APTS, MRCC, WTBA, ARK, and PETS, and may initiate a position at some point in the future. In so doing I would most assuredly affect my overall dividend yield, but the annualized total return may be worth that compromise. They must also look good on the charts.

Now, the above are the top scoring stocks based on return and yield from the score and watch list and are “in the green”.

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#HYHRD: Show me the money! Ex-dividend and dividend pay dates & amounts as of 8/29

These are the upcoming expected dividend pay dates and amount(s) expected from each stock.

These amounts are a compilation from all of our accounts, so some is taxable, some is tax-deferred, and some is tax-free. If you check out my Expected dividend spreadsheets you can see how it all breaks down, or you could just read my posts and look at the screenshots (ooooh, pretty pictures!).

Speaking of pretty pictures, here’s the most recent and pertinent dates spreadsheet (from my Expected Dividends workbook), and following that is the brand new! graph of monthly dividends since inception as found on my Dividends Received page on my blog;

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#HYHRD: position and portfolio #review 8/29 Update

It’s time for the weekly review of positions in the HYHRD (High Yield High Return Dividend) portfolio.

The spreadsheet for each individual account, along with the monthly balances and yearly dividends are now found in the tradelogs workbook.

This post will examine those spreadsheets for all positions held in the accounts (i.e.; positions not held will not appear on the spreadsheets). The only screenshot from that workbook that I will post has all the aggregate information, and that’s the tradelogs spreadsheet.

I will also post screenshots (see below) from the Thomas Dividend Manager program (link below in the weekly update) for each account in our portfolio.

Not currently tracked or reported is my wife’s TSA, except with quarterly updates on the 2015 Balances sheet.

“Smithers, release the hounds!”

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